Watch Sofia Richie Awkwardly Dodge Questions About Her Relationship With Scott Disick

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The Morning Show/Sofia Richie/Instagram

Sofia Richie knows a thing or two about living her life in the spotlight: She grew up with a famous father, she has a famous sister, and now, she’s dating a famous reality star. That’s why it came as no surprise when The Daily Telegraph revealed that an email from Sofia’s reps stated that she would not discuss Scott Disick, any of the Kardashians, or her dad, Lionel Richie, in interviews during her time in Australia. However, the hosts of The Morning Show just couldn’t help but bring up the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star during their recent sit-down with her.

“Now is it true your partner Scott helped you discover these shoes?” host Larry Edmur asked. The model, who seemed slightly caught off guard but okay with answering a question about her new shoe line, responded, “Yeah, he actually showed me the shoe line and said, ‘these are really cute sneakers you should wear these.’ Then they reached out. And it all worked out from there.”

Unfortunately, the Scott questions didn’t end there. The show’s other host Kylie Gillies continued to push for details on her highly publicized relationship, saying, “This is Scott Disick… who is your boyfriend! Life with Scott looks pretty good, I’ve gotta say.”

This is when things get pretty cringe-worthy as Sofia is seen looking at someone (presumably her manager) offstage. “Yeah, we’re very happy. I’m very happy,” she awkwardly replied.

It seems like the hosts realized they were pushing their luck because Larry then immediately changed the subject and brought the focus back to her shoe line. However, Kylie once again tried to get Sofia to talk by asking her why she doesn’t want to discuss her relationships, alluding to the reports about Sofia’s decision to keep her personal life off-limits in interviews.

“Are you happy answering all of these questions?” Kylie asked. “Does that ever get tiring and you wish we wouldn’t ask that? Or you’re happy for us to sit here and ask you those questions?”

The 20-year-old answered the question like a pro, saying she’s not “upset” she has to answer questions pertaining to her personal life, but she’d also like to remind people that she’s her own person and that her life does not only revolve around her relationships.

“I mean, I can’t deny the fact that that’s my life. By the way, that’s been my life forever, it’s nothing new to me,” Sofia said. “There are moments that I have where I’m like, I want to be my own person and I want to stand as my own person. And I think that’s actually what drives me to work and do my own thing and to want to make my own mark. I want to be seen as my own person, even though I have all these amazing people in my life that I love so much.”

Watch Sofia’s Morning Show interview below:

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