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19 Records Broken By Women In 2019 (So Far)

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Fastest Concept2 Indoor Rowing Record for Lightweight Women

records broken by women

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This world record has a long title and a great story. 84-year-old Sybil Terres Gilmar told it was “stubborn persistence” that lead her to break the Concept2 Indoor Rowing World and American Records for Lightweight Women, ages 80 to 89 for the hour-long row. She wanted to celebrate her 84th birthday by breaking the record and to prove that you can make a difference in yourself and in the world no matter what your age. Sybil didn’t even start exercising regularly until she was 59 and didn’t begin rowing until age 69. She beat the record while living with leukemia, which comes with fatigue as its major symptom, and still manages to have the most positive outlook of any person in the United States.

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