The 20 Best Cities For Opening Up A Restaurant

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Richmond, VA

One of America’s oldest cities, Richmond is the state capital and steeped in history. But, that doesn’t mean its food scene is stuck in the past. Mirroring the city’s vibrant art scene, Richmond is very into fusion cuisine (think très leches cake with a Caribbean twist, or soul food by way of Scandinavia) yet still focuses heavily on a cuisine that made them famous: barbeque! Grill gurus have set up shop along the Virginia BBQ Trail, a thing that exists and I, for one, could not be more thankful. There are also top-notch pastry chefs in and around Richmond who are creating world-class desserts and unforgettable comfort favorites like Sugar Shack Donuts. Basically, the visually-stunning city is a refreshing mix of Yankee artists and Southern cooks!

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