The 20 Best Cities For Opening Up A Restaurant

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Raleigh, NC

The 20 Best Cities For Opening Up A Restaurant visit raleigh dram draft bar png

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Combined with neighboring towns Chapel Hill and Durham, this area has been dubbed “The Research Triangle” (not the catchiest of names, but okay) thanks to NC State and Wake Forest. College kids may stick to lower-end dining options over splashing out on fancy dinners, but the multitude of tech folks and finance bros who have recently set up hedge funds in the area definitely need places to flash that cash. Two of America’s hottest restaurants, Bida Manda and Saint Jacques French Cuisine, reside in Raleigh, and Open Table racked up more than 10 million reviews for their local eateries. Plus, Brewery Bhavana was named one of the country’s best new restaurants last year by Bon Appétit.

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