The 20 Best Cities For Opening Up A Restaurant

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Kansas City, MO

The 20 Best Cities For Opening Up A Restaurant Visit KC kansas city missouri png

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KC straddles the state line between Missiouri and Kansas, and the rules to knowing which side you’re on aren’t always easy. According to the city’s tourism site, if you’re west of State Line Road, you are in Kansas. If you’re east of it, you are in Missouri. Follow the Missouri River to the north, and if you are west of that, you’re in Kansas. East, you’re in Missouri. Got it? Me neither. But what is easier to grasp is the focus on millennials-esque dining options like happy hours, bottomless brunches, and food festivals. The city is also home to dozens of country music shows in the summer, and a holiday wonderland called WinterFest when the temperature drops. Maybe it’s time to stop and stay awhile in this flyover state!

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