20 Best Beaches In The US You *Need* To Vacation On

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Point Dume, California

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There’s a reason Malibu is where stars like Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have chosen to put down roots. Malibu is the birthplace of the best smoothie in Los Angeles at Sunlife Organics, located next to Beyonc√©’s favorite leisure brand Wildfox and a Soul Cycle for an authentic L.A. experience, and the world-renowned sushi restaurant, Nobu. While the classic Malibu beach is down at Zuma, locals know that the hidden Point Dume features the best views, the smallest crowds, and terrifying cliff diving for the thrill seekers among us. There’s no permit needed to experience the exclusive paradise, you just need to know where to go (and do a teeny, tiny bit of climbing).

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