Ballin’ On A Budget: The 20 Cheapest Luxury Hotels In America

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Cheapest Luxury Hotels


You don’t have to be in the one percent to travel like the one percent. All it takes is a little planning, a lot of research, and the ability to take vacations in the middle of the week. Just kidding! We did the heavy lifting for you so that you can ball on a budget without taking hours to compare hotel fees and ending up at the local Travelodge. These listed rates are the cheapest prices we could find on hotel websites, without any markdowns from budget travel websites, special deals, or coupon codes. Naturally, it’s easy to take a luxury vacation for cheap during an off-season work week, but TBH, some of these hotels offer their cheapest rates during weekends in June. Travel websites like Secret Escapes or TravelZoo are nearly always the way to go when planning your vacation, so you can probably find ~even better~ rates on these hotels with a little bit of effort. If you prefer booking direct, all 20 of these luxury hotels can be booked for $150 or less (give or take a few dollars), and you can rest easy knowing you took advantage of the best rates in the business. Take your peace of mind from the sofa to the Sofitel with our list of the cheapest luxury hotels in America.

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