20 Must-See Spots To Hit On Your U.S. Roadtrip

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Must-See Roadtrip Spots


The Kacey Musgraves is queued. You’ve got two bags in the trunk because you couldn’t help but overpack. The snacks have been purchased, the tank is full, and the people you love are crammed into the backseat. Where are you going? The US is crazy expansive, with mountains taller than Mount Everest, states that could fit the entire population of Canada, and buildings with their own zip codes. Yet there’s only one state that grows coffee — the world is a mystery. This country is so beautiful that you could spend your whole life moving and never see everything worthwhile, but these 20 must-see spots are a great place to start, from Yellowstone to Dollywood to all of the weird American charm you’ll find in-between.

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