20 Stranger Things Celebrity Doppelgangers

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A lot of wild things happen on Stranger Things. (And that is before we get into fan theories.) It’s likely that you’ve had an eerie feeling while watching the Netflix Original series. However, it might not always have to do with the Upside Down. It could have to do with Stranger Things celebrity doppelgangers.

There are a lot of celebrity twins. And there seems to be a bunch of them connected with the Netflix show. Once you realize the similarities between these celebrities and Stranger Things actors and actresses, you will wonder why you never noticed them before. And we bet there are others that you picked up on right away. Have a look at 20 Stranger Things celebrity doppelgangers photos.

Natalia Dyer and Timothée Chalamet

Stranger Things Celebrity Doppelgangers Natalia Dyer and Timothée Chalamet

Netflix/ Sony Pictures Classics

What, you weren’t expecting a cross-gender one? Well, the internet has been in a tizzy about how much Stranger Things actress Natalia Dyer, who plays Nancy Wheeler, looks like everyone’s current fashionable crush Timothée Chalamet. Once you see it, you cannot unseen it. They are so similar. The Call Me By Your Name actor might have a stronger jawline, but their noses and lips are very much alike. They even have similar arched eyebrows, you guys, except Timothée’s are naturally thicker. We know that you really want to see the French-American hottie in a wig to inspect how twin-like the two really are. We’ll be waiting, T.

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