16 Actors Who Could Have Been James Bond

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Terence Stamp


If you were around in the 1960s, you will know that Terence Stamp was very popular. If you weren’t, now you know. His A-list status and the facts he was good-looking and British seemed to make him a worthy candidate to play 007. Terence was aware that Sean Connery left a big legacy with the role and knew people might have a hard time accepting a new actor. When he was gunning for the part, he told producers about how to get the audience used to a new 007. “In one of the books it starts with him disguised as a Japanese warrior,” Terence recounted what he said to producers to the Evening Standard. “If we could do that one, I could start the movie in complete Japanese makeup. By the time it came off they are used to me a little bit. I would love to do it like that.” Producer Harry Saltzman wasn’t impressed.

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