15 Actors Who Hate Filming Sex Scenes (& 5 That Actually Like It!)

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Sex scenes are incredibly common in films and on TV today. As a result, plenty of actors and actresses are asked to bare it all in front of the camera. Many actors have done these kinds of sex scenes, and most of them have come to regret it. The common perception around sex scenes is that they’re pretty terrible for the actors involved. They’re awkward, and often involve long hours.

Of course, not every actor feels that way about sex scenes. In fact, some of them have suggested that they enjoy it. It’s true that this group is a minority, but it’s worth noting that not all actors hate filming sex scenes. While most find it awkward, there are others who are willing to simply let go and enjoy the ride. Here are 15 actors who hate sex scenes, and 5 who love them!

15 Actors Who Hate Sex Scenes:

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