17 Actors Who Asked For Their Characters To Be Killed Off

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We’ve seen tons of fictional characters get killed off over the years, and to be quite honest, we’re still not over most of them. After growing super attached to the point where they feel like our family, we’re often hit with sudden death and no sense of closure. It feels like the ultimate betrayal because we never get to see these characters grow and fulfill their true potential. We’re left hanging with thoughts of what could have been, and so one can’t help but wonder why these producers decide to kill off important characters when they do. What’s intriguing, though, is that the producers aren’t always the ones who make that call.

In fact, some actors actually wanted the beloved characters they played to die… Kind of messed up, right? But to be fair, these stars had legitimate reasons for wanting to leave. While some grew tired of working on the same project, others landed new opportunities and some simply felt that it was time for their character to make an exit. At least the whole show didn’t get canceled because a main character quit! See which actors requested that their characters be taken off the show:

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