28 Magical Facts about Dumbledore You Probably Haven’t Heard Before

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Dumbledore is represented by the Reaper in the Deathly Hallows’ “Tale of the Three Brothers”

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This was a fan theory JK Rowling has claimed to like and taken on as her own, calling it “a beautiful theory and it fits.” In The Deathly Hallows, the gang learns “The Tale of the Three Brothers.” Each brother cheats death and walks away with a prize. The eldest brother receives the Elder Wand, a wand capable of tremendous power. The middle brother receives the Resurrection Stone, which brings the dead back to life. And the youngest brother receives the Invisibility Cloak, allowing him to hide from Death until he greets him as an old friend in his old age. According to the theory, Voldemort is the eldest brother, Snape is the middle brother, and Harry is the youngest. Meanwhile, Dumbledore himself represents Death.

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