18 of the Best Fictional Sports Teams We Always Root For

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Sports in real life can be, well, a little boring. Not to say sports aren’t fun — going to games is always a good time! But more often than not, there is just not enough drama. And that’s where fictional sports teams come in! In movies and TV, there are plenty of teams spanning across several different sports that we always want to root for. From behind-the-scenes drama to the pure exhilaration of the game, these teams are tons of fun to watch. Hell, some of these fake teams are also playing fake sports that we totally wish were real!

These faux teams may not be full of real athletes but they still have us cheering, crying, and jumping up and down whether they win or lose. Everything from football to cheerleading (yes, it’s a sport) is represented. Whether we’re reliving our high school football Friday night glory days or pretending we’re composed gymnasts (as if), these are the fake teams we’re rooting for!

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