18 of the Best Fictional Sports Teams We Always Root For

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Mean Machine prison team from The Longest Yard

Who says prisoners can’t have a little sports fun too? Paul Crewe (Adam Sandler) is a disgraced former football star sent to prison for a DUI and stealing a Bentley. Once in prison, the guards force him to help with their football team, convincing him to start up a team with the other inmates to play against them. Crewe pulls together the ultimate rag-tag group of guys to take on the guards. And while they’re supposed to lose against them, per Crewe’s instructions from the guards, he abandons the trickery and has the team give it their all in the final game. While these guys are technically criminals, the ability to see them in a new light and doing something constructive with their time incarcerated is kind of inspiring. It’s one part sports movie, one part prison story, but all-around hilarious at heart.

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