18 of the Best Fictional Sports Teams We Always Root For

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Vickerman Gymnastics Academy Team from Stick It

The ladies of gymnastics aren’t all prissy, perfect little girls. Some of them are total badasses. Well, if this movie is to be believed. Part sports film and part comeback story, Stick It tells the story of Haley (Missy Peregrym). Haley is super rebellious, hangs with the boys, and gets arrested for silly law-breaking. So what does the judge make her do? Head back to the world of competitive gymnastics, a world she left years ago and not on good terms. Watching Haley work with her new team, most of whom hate her for her behavior the last time she was in competition, is a masterclass in ladies learning to support other ladies. In the final competition, as the women try to break the broken gymnastics system, they come together like never before. And it’s empowering AF!

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