17 of the Best New Shows of 2018

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Every year dozens of new TV shows clamor for our attention. Some are easy enough to weed out as definite passes, while others jump out as immediate new faves. But then some slip between the cracks as life gets crazy and TV gets congested. Plenty of TV shows have come and gone in 2018 but there are a few that have stuck around and proved themselves as sure bets. The best new shows of 2018 include comedies, dramas, miniseries, and even a few reality shows! Not everything was a dumpster fire this year — TV, per usual, didn’t let us down!

If you haven’t had time to catch up on all the peak TV goodness this year, we get it. It’s hard to commit to a new show when you don’t know where it’s going or if it’s going to get canceled and break your heart. But these shows are the top-tier TV series of 2018 and will definitely be staying around for the long haul. This year has been a rough one but the best new shows of 2018 will always be here to pick you up. Here they all are, for your viewing pleasure!

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