17 TV Roommates You’ll Relate To if You Live With Your BFF

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Moving out of your parents’ house and moving in with your BFF can be a strange mixture of terrifying, exciting, stressful, and a ton of fun. Don’t believe all the roommate horror stories out there: sometimes it does work out. You and your bestie are not cursed to a destroyed friendship and lots of time wasted complaining about unwashed dishes. And luckily, there are plenty of TV examples of roommates that totally make it work! Who knew living with your BFF could actually be the best?!

And we get it: living with a roommate seems like such a hassle. We would def rather live alone! But when you’re a broke 20-something, you don’t really have a lot of options. But, also if you’re a broke 20-something, you’re spending a ton of time watching TV because you don’t have time to do anything else! So check out these TV roommates that’ll have you relating so hard to the life you live with your bestie in your one-bedroom hole-in-the-wall!

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