17 TV Roommates You’ll Relate To if You Live With Your BFF

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Drake and Josh, Drake and Josh

Sure, they may be high schoolers who don’t have a choice other than living together, but their dynamic will still give you total roommate vibes. They share a (giant) room together and basically live as if they’re the only ones in the house (besides annoying kid sisters!). They navigate teen life together including sh*tty jobs and confusing crushes. It’s basically like they’re living in their own bachelor pad, you know, except for the part where they don’t have to pay bills! They’re completely different people in every way but they not only become friends but true brothas from living together. Being roommates doesn’t always destroy friendships, sometimes it creates and strengthens them!

Jess and The Guys, New Girl

Moving in with one roommate is hard. Moving in with three, who are guys when you’re a girl, is even harder. When Jess (Zooey Deschanel) dumps her live-in, cheating boyfriend, she needs to find a new place to live in L.A. and moves into the loft with the guys. She’s “adorkable,” they’re rowdy dudes. It shouldn’t work. But it really does! Jess classes up the place and gets the guys in touch with their feminine sides. They help her loosen up and rediscover the single life. It’s a true example of how sometimes living with friends turns them into family.

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