17 TV Roommates You’ll Relate To if You Live With Your BFF

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Jane and Sutton, The Bold Type

Moving to a new city can be absolutely petrifying. You know no one and you have to try and find somewhere to live with someone who isn’t totally creepy. So that’s why work BFFs are the ultimate gift. Jane (Katie Stevens) met Sutton (Meghann Fahey) at their jobs at Scarlet magazine, and the rest is history! The two don’t make tons of money but they are living their total dream jobs together so it makes sense that they would shack up together, too! And when trouble arises, like Jane finding out Sutton keeps a gun in the apartment, they always figure it out like adults and find a compromise that suits them both (after some natural dramatics of course!). Living with someone who shares your passions is what it’s all about.

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