17 TV Roommates You’ll Relate To if You Live With Your BFF

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Vincent Chase and his entourage, Entourage

These guys are living the life! Vincent (Adrien Grenier) and his buddies grew up in New York with practically nothing. Cut to their adult years as Vinny is now a movie star and they’re all livin’ lavishly. From rags to riches, these guys live in Vinny’s huge-ass California mansion and reap the rewards of fame. Although it’s rare, plenty of people keep their same friends from childhood to adulthood, bringing them along on life’s journeys and even living together as roomies. Who knows you better than someone you’ve known your whole life?! Anyone who has done this knows it leads to quite a few arguments at times, but a lifelong history of friendship is more than capable of mending anything! Started from the bottom, now we’re here, you know?

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