16 Movies All Brides (& Romantics) Should Watch

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There are countless things a bride has to do in preparation for her big day. She needs to familiarize herself with important wedding hacks and wedding trends. The bride needs to get her dress, she has to plan (and re-plan) her budget, and she has to figure out tricky table arrangements. The to-do list is often overwhelming, so the idea of suggesting something else to do might seem crazy, but we have a fun one. Wives-to-be, as well as wedding guests and romantics, should take some time to enjoy themselves and watch the best wedding movies for brides.

Weddings are supposed to be for the bride and groom, and they are supposed to enjoy themselves throughout the process. Taking some time away from worrying about the color of chair covers to watch a fun wedding movie will hopefully help brides relax. It might even help them gain some perspective on their big days. These feel-good films can even be used for brides to bond with their grooms and/or bridal parties. (Think bridal showers or even bachelorette parties.) Here come the 16 best wedding movies for brides — or any romantics.

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