16 of the Best Witchy TV Shows That’ll Have You Feeling Totally Magical

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There’s something so magical about anything to do with, well, magic! Especially when it comes to the witchier side of things. There is literally never a bad time to invite some witchy magic into your life, and TV makes sure there is always something witchy on-screen to indulge in. From comedic spins on witchcraft and wizardry to scarier shows, there’s something for every magic lover out there. And we’re pretty sure more than a few of them are going to make you want to buy a pointy hat, wand, and broomstick yourself!

The best thing about TV witches? Most of them are unabashedly strong, independent women. And that’s an example we can all appreciate. In fact, many of the most feminist women on TV are witches! There’s nothing better than a badass woman who can whoop you with a swish of her wrist! So let’s all join a coven ASAP.

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