20 Times You Probably Missed an Author’s Cameo In Their Book Adaptation

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Book adaptations can lead to a weird mixture of excitement and trepidation. On the one hand, we’re eager to see how the story and characters will come to life. But also, there’s the possibility of altered storylines that don’t stay true to the book or random characters being erased from the picture. We never truly know what to expect, but one thing that still gets us pretty stoked is seeing the original author get involved behind the scenes – or even better, seeing them appear in the film!

In most cases, these author cameos are easy to miss because they last for a mere few seconds. Meanwhile, others are lucky enough to snag important roles, whether it be a film producer or news reporter. Either way, it’s always a pleasant surprise to see these familiar faces acting alongside the very characters that they created. See which author cameos you might have missed before.

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