20 Book-To-Movie Characters That Were Cast All Wrong

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Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher, Jack Reacher 

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When Lee Child created the character Jack Reacher, he had a pretty specific person in mind. The man would be an ex-military police major, 6’5″ and 250 pounds, with fast reflexes and few fears, if any. He’d be surprisingly kind and a bit of a feminist, but complex to strangers who’d need to observe before they unlocked what was underneath all the muscle and rage. Does this sound like Tom Cruise to you? Not so much. The Mission Impossible actor surely seemed like a good choice for Jack Reacher with his extensive stunt training and spy experience, but he doesn’t match up to the idea that the author had in mind. One person doesn’t have to play all the spies, you know. We think Hollywood had plenty of other people who would have been up for the job and a better fit in all aspects.

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