20 Book-To-Movie Characters That Were Cast All Wrong

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Ioan Gruffudd as Mr. Fantastic, Fantastic Four 

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Whoever casts for the MCU better never quit. They hold the secret to casting superheroes, and clearly based on this list, it’s not an easy task. Fantastic Four is a superhero series that’s been attempted time and time again, and it has never really felt right. Ioan Gruffudd led the 2005 version as Mr. Fantastic and wasn’t exactly the super captain of our dreams. He had the dreamy scientist role down but wasn’t always believable as the leader of the wild superhero gang. He needed a little more of that fantastic aspect everyone is always talking about. Unfortunately, it would be seven years before Mark Ruffalo could show him how it’s done as the incredible Bruce Banner/Hulk. We like you, Ioan, but we’re just not sure you’re super.

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