20 Book-To-Movie Characters That Were Cast All Wrong

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Patrick Dempsey as Jack, Bridget Jones’s Baby

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We’ve seen Bridget Jones stuck between two men before, and the story was no different in Bridget Jones’s Baby. The goofy and awkward journalist spent her young adult life in a love triangle between Colin Firth‘s Mark Darcy and Hugh Grant‘s Daniel Cleaver and when Hugh got the boot, Patrick Dempsey‘s Jack Qwant sauntered in just in time. We loved watching Renée Zellweger dabble between her two British beaus, but the Grey’s Anatomy star’s appearance in the third movie just didn’t add up. They meet in Yurt at a musical festival, which seems a bit out of place for both of them, and when the extreme bachelor discovers he’s a possible dad-to-be, he throws himself into the role and asks his baby mama to move in with him. The role and the chemistry between the proud parents isn’t very convincing and the relationship doesn’t quite make sense. We love the former brain surgeon star, but we think we would’ve preferred another awkward British babe for the role.

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