20 Book-To-Movie Characters That Were Cast All Wrong

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Vince Vaughn as Norman Bates, Psycho

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If you have a problem taking Vince Vaughn seriously, raise your hand. The Wedding Crashers actor has been known for his comedy skills throughout his career, and even a season on the highly acclaimed show True Detective wasn’t a super convincing argument for his ability to work in other genres. So, as you can imagine, his turn as Norman Bates in the horror classic Psycho was difficult to watch. It’s a little hard to watch the actor in any movie and not expect him to break out in bro lingo at any moment, and throwing him into a role in the psychological Hitchcock hit made it all the more weird. We want the Fred Claus leading lad to be able to break out of his comedic shell, but we’re not sure this was the role to do it.

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