Details From Harry Potter and the Cursed Child That Make No Sense

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How do Albus and Scorpius See James and Lily?

James and Lily Featured

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The climax of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child takes place in Godric’s Hollow in the days leading up to Harry’s parents’ murder. Delphi takes Albus and Scorpius back to that time with her, and the three of them are forced to wait for Voldemort to arrive and carry out his brutal murder.

As Albus and Scorpius wait, they see James and Lily walking around town. There’s one huge issue with this, though. James and Lily were supposed to be in hiding. They knew Voldemort was after them, and so they weren’t just out walking with Harry. Albus and Scorpius should never have been able to see them.

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