20 New 2019 YA Novels You Need To Read This Year

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Forget new year, new me. New year, new bookshelf is more like it. There are over 700 YA novels with a 2019 release date that have already been announced, and it’s been known that when YA fiction gets it right, it gets it really, really right. Where other forms of media are struggling to diversify their top-earners (or to acknowledge the excellence being created by POC and LGBTQ artists), the new releases in literature are more inclusive than ever, and you know we’re ready for the massive heap of fantasy, romance, and tragedies that are about to be released onto an unsuspecting public.

Our YA countdown narrows this list down to the buzziest, best new novels that we can’t wait to get our hands on this year. Young adult or just adult-adult, you’ll probably want to read these YA novels anyways.

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