The Rory Gilmore Book Club: 20 Of The Gilmore Girls Character’s Most Beloved Books

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Swann’s Way by Marcel Proust

Rory Gilmore Book Club

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Swann’s Way has no less than seven references on Gilmore Girls, and even though Rory tells her mom that she had to renew it ten times from the library before she could finish it, we think we’re up to the challenge. The Marcel Proust novel, which is the first of a seven-volume series, was part of Rory’s graduation speech, but it’s mostly included in the show as a symbol of Lorelai’s relationship with Max Medina. Max loans Swann’s Way to Lorelai early in their relationship, and she tries to give it back to him the first time their relationship “ends.” We probably should’ve written this blurb in one long run-on sentence to prepare you for Proust’s weird prose.

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