The Rory Gilmore Book Club: 20 Of The Gilmore Girls Character’s Most Beloved Books

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Emma by Jane Austen

Jane Austen

Dover Thrift

There was a time during Gilmore Girls‘ first season when Dean was a city boy who actually knew how to read. His character was retconned into a farm boy who would rather sand down some wood than hunker down with a good Bukowski when the Palladinos decided bad boy Jess had to be Dean’s moody intellectual foil, but during season one, episode eight, “Love and War and Snow,” Dean and Rory debated the merits of Hunter S. Thompson vs. Jane Austen before school in the morning. Even Dean admitted Rory’s suggestion, Emma, was worth a read, and any fan of the classic ’90s film Clueless will enjoy Cher Horowitz’s literary inspiration.

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