The Rory Gilmore Book Club: 20 Of The Gilmore Girls Character’s Most Beloved Books

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Pushkin: A Biography by T.J. Binyon

Rory Gilmore Book Club

Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group

Pushkin: A Biography by T.J. Binyon wasn’t mentioned by name within the series, but it made enough of an impact on Amy Sherman Palladino for the auteur to include the book in Rory’s stack of “Books To Buy” while working at Andrew’s bookstore on season five, episode 16, “So… Good Talk.” ASP also named season five’s tenth episode after the famous gambler and philanderer, “But Not as Cute as Pushkin.” Aleksandr Pushkin was one of Russia’s greatest poets before dying in pursuit of his hedonistic lifestyle, making him a legend in literature and life.

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