Every Sarah Dessen Novel, Ranked

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3. Just Listen (2008)

Penguin Young Readers Group


Annabel has seemingly the perfect life. She and her two sisters are all models, she’s popular, and her family has it all together. But obviously, nothing is really how it seems. While she’s dealing with major family issues and a traumatic event from the summer, she meets Owen, who helps her come to terms with things.


Once again, this book covers a lot of serious topics. Annabel’s mother struggles with depression, her sister has a serious eating disorder, and she’s hiding the fact that she was raped by her best friend’s boyfriend, Will, at a summer party. Everything is covered really well and I honestly think it’s an important book for young women to read. The only semi-frustrating part is at the end when Will rapes another girl, she reports him, everybody stands by her, and in a matter of weeks, he’s arrested. Unfortunately, it’s simply unrealistic.

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