Every Sarah Dessen Novel, Ranked

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2. This Lullaby (2002)

Penguin Young Readers Group


Remy’s dad left when she was young, and her mom has been married so many times that Remy is disillusioned by love. In fact, she has it down to a science. She knows the perfect time to end a relationship, right as the honeymoon phase is wearing off and before any real feeling starts to kick in. But in comes carefree musician, Dexter, and the story changes.


I have a special place in my heart for This Lullaby. If the #1 book on this list weren’t so amazing then this one would be first and it was a pretty close call between the two. Dexter is just so annoyingly endearing and I think the hopeless romantic in me loves to watch Remy’s ice cold heart melt. Sigh, I love it.

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