Every Sarah Dessen Novel, Ranked

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1. The Truth About Forever (2006)



When Macy’s dad suddenly dies, she throws herself into a super structured and control-freak life as a way to cope. Then her super lame boyfriend decides he wants to take a break while he is at brain camp over the summer. Meanwhile, Macy is working two jobs, one at the library and one at a catering company, which a bunch of new friends and a dreamy, all-around great, guy, Wes.


This book is amazing, the best of the best. If you could only read one Sarah Dessen book (that’d be a terrible situation) but it should be this one. Wes is one of my favorite book characters ever, and his and Macy’s love story is too cute. Of course, he helps Macy come to terms with her father’s death and her controlling mother, and all ends well. Wes sets the bar high for any reader’s future boyfriend.

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