Every Sarah Dessen Novel, Ranked

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12. The Moon and More (2015)

Pengun Young Readers


Emaline lives in the small beach town Colby (a town that makes a cameo in basically every S.D. book) with her almost “too perfect” boyfriend Luke. They break up and in comes Theo, the assistant to a filmmaker from New York. While their summer romance is beginning, Emaline’s estranged father comes back in the picture with her half-brother and as per ushe, teen angst ensues.


This is the first time Sarah Dessen almost let me down. I say almost because, let’s be real, she could never really let me down. But this came close, and I’m not entirely convinced it shouldn’t be the last one my list. Emaline’s love interest is basically a total tool and so annoying. This book was definitely a page-turner… as in I kept turning the pages because I just wanted it to end. Sorry!

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