Every Sarah Dessen Novel, Ranked

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8. Lock and Key (2008)



Ruby and her troubled mother have been on their own for a while now until her mom straight up leaves her and suddenly it’s just Ruby. Since she’s a minor, she has to go live with her estranged older sister, who has a well-established life married to the founder of (aka Facebook). Ruby wants to be carefree and independent so she’s not having any of it. In the midst of all her pouting and whining, she meets Nate, the next door neighbor.


In my mind, this book is pretty on par with What Happened to Goodbye, but I ranked it just a bit higher because I feel like it deals with important topics and Ruby grows a lot over the course of the book. She mends relationships with her sister, who FYI had been trying to reconnect for years without Ruby knowing, and also helps Nate with a serious family issue he’s facing… but I don’t want to spoil, so you’ll just have to read!

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