Every Sarah Dessen Novel, Ranked

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6. Once and For All (2017)

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Louna works with her mom in the wedding business, so she’s seen a lot of happily ever afters and a lot of not-so happily ever afters. Basically, she’s jaded with the idea of love. Her dad walked out on her, her first love ended tragically, and she’s seen one too many failed marriages. Enter Ambrose, a serial dater, and he may be the one to change her.


Ambrose, to me, is a classic Sarah Dessen character. He’s an endearing love interest in a kind of goofy and almost annoying way — which is so typical. He and Louna have a fun friendship that grows over a dating bet where Ambrose has to settle down and Louna has to date around. Once again, it’s not a Sarah Dessen book without addressing some serious issues, and this one has its fair share.

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