17 Upcoming YA Adaptations We Can’t Wait To See

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There’s a reason why YA adaptations continue to dominate the box office. Aside from taking us through things like awkward first dates and high school drama, popular gems like The Hunger Games and Divergent also gave us powerful coming-of-age stories that we can all relate to on some level. It’s one of the biggest reasons why the genre has become so widely popular and why, to this day, several beloved titles are either making it to the big screen or getting adapted as TV series.

Though we’re beyond excited to see how these YA adaptations will turn out, a tiny part of us is nervous about all the things that could go wrong. It’s no secret that taking on any adaptation can be a tricky feat for filmmakers. Plus, we’ve already seen our fair share of films and TV shows that don’t do the books justice at all. Still, we can at least hope that these projects will stay true to the original stories that fans already know and love. See which upcoming YA adaptations we can’t wait to see.

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