The Worst Book Adaptations

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Worst Book-to-TV Adaptations


Book adaptations might not seem like a big deal to some people, but when it’s done poorly, it’s basically every bookworm’s worst nightmare. We envision these awesome stories and characters and we hold them sacred because they’ve influenced us in so many ways. But then these stories are taken over by TV creators who go above and beyond with their quote-unquote “creative freedom.” And when the final product comes out, we see things like missing storylines, whitewashed characters and unnecessary plot twists. It’s like watching someone try to fix something that was never broken.

But we’ll admit: It is possible for producers to create a really good show without sticking to every detail from the books. I mean, have you seen The Vampire Diaries or Game of Thrones? Those show writers managed to incorporate new ideas and stay true to the heart and soul of the original stories. The following shows, however, could’ve done a better job of sticking to the essence of the books that they were based on:

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