50 Netflix Shows That Were Unexpectedly Canceled

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It’s sad to see your favorite show get canceled for vague reasons like “having the wrong demographic” or with no explanation at all, like Fox’s decision to pull the plug on the hugely popular Brooklyn Nine-Nine. While fans were lucky enough to get Andy Samberg’s cop comedy renewed through NBC, not every unjustly axed show gets a second chance.

Freaks and Geeks and Firefly are the quintessential examples of shows that were gone too soon, streaming godfather Netflix has gone on a cancellation spree due to changing business models in the cutthroat world of bingeable content. In an effort to focus on quality rather than quantity, Netflix founder and C.E.O. Reed Hastings and C.O.O. Ted Sarandos began a bloodbath (of the streaming content variety) to open the doors for riskier, crazier content. This list will continue to grow as Netflix cancels even more of our faves, and all we can do is pray to the streaming gods that our guilty pleasure show will stay above the fray.

Netflix Presents: The Characters

Netflix The Characters


Netflix tried (and failed) to put their own spin on a Saturday Night Live-style sketch comedy show with The Characters, a short-lived experiment that lasted only eight episodes and featured eight up-and-coming comedians who each wrote and starred in their own installment of the series. Basically, no one liked it. It’s audience score is only a 54% on Rotten Tomatoes despite receiving Certified Fresh ratings from critics at the LA Times, the AV club and Common Sense Media universal disdain for a show is a pretty good reason for cancellation, but it seems like Netflix never really gave it the chance to get off the ground.

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