16 Celebrities Whose Clothing Lines Failed

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Dollhouse by Paris Hilton

Ethan Miller/Getty Images via Alloy

Paris Hilton likes to describe herself as a businesswoman. There’s some merit in the title because she has managed to turn being an heiress and a reality TV star into a lot of different ventures including a popular fragrance range and, recently, a skincare line. After modeling for a few different brands, she decided to try her hand at designing. It wasn’t one of her most successful decisions. She launched Dollhouse by Paris Hilton in 2008 during the height of The Simple Life. The line was very Paris because it was full of pinks, hyper-feminine styles and lots of the clothes had her face on them. It disappeared pretty much as quickly as it came. Proving that everything will come around again, she collaborated with Boohoo in 2018 on a clothing line that was a total throwback to her mid-2000s style.

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