16 Celebrities Whose Clothing Lines Failed

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House of Dereon by Beyoncé


Everybody knows about the success of Ivy Park, but do you remember Beyoncé‘s other clothing line? If you call yourself a true Bey fan, you might. Prior to the Ivy Park launch of 2016, Beyoncé got into fashion with her mama, Tina Knowles, and created House of Dereon. She launched the brand in 2006 which was three years after she solidified her status as a bonafide solo artist with “Crazy in Love.” You might have thought Queen Bey would have had everything back then for the label to reach epic heights, but it didn’t. The contemporary fashion label had fashion shows and was stocked in major department stores. Whether it was the higher prices or the actual garments, it didn’t sell like hotcakes. It became another brand to go into “hiatus.” The announcement was made in 2012 with reps promised a rebranding, but we’re still waiting. Not that we need it. Ivy Park is doing well enough.

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