16 Celebrities Whose Clothing Lines Failed

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Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker


If you were a betting person, you would probably put money on a Sarah Jessica Parker fashion collection being a success, given that she is Carrie Bradshaw, right? Well, not even SJP’s style credentials and Sex and the City background could save her Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker clothing line. She launched the affordable fashion collection in 2007 exclusively at Steve & Barry’s stores. The fact fans could pick up SJP merch for under $20 as opposed to $800 for Manolos made it an initial success. Unfortunately, the brand wasn’t immune when Steve & Barry stores filed for bankruptcy in 2009. When the chain closed, the brand met its end. It’s not all bad for Sarah Jessica Parker. She has since launched a high-end shoe collection, SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker, (no surprise) and dabbled in designing clothes again.

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