16 Celebrities Whose Clothing Lines Failed

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Sweetface by Jennifer Lopez

WENN/Mirek Towski/DMI

Jennifer Lopez was one of the celebrities who made us think that stars could be more than one thing. She helped champion the idea that celebrities could be moguls and brands. She had conquered dancing, singing, acting and perfume before she made her way to fashion. You might be familiar with Jennifer Lopez’s namesake line. It’s actually the relaunch of her 2001 fashion label J.Lo by Jennifer Lopez. To go back to the beginning, Jennifer launched the brand with promises of it becoming a proper lifestyle brand. In 2003, she debuted sister label Sweetface. A bunch of things happened with buyouts and brand switch-ups. By 2009, J.Lo was gone and Sweetface was replaced by JustSweet. The latter brand later closed. But, J.Lo by Jennifer Lopez did get resurrected later, simply as Jennifer Lopez. Did you follow all of that?

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