16 Celebrities Whose Clothing Lines Failed

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6126 by Lindsay Lohan

Chris Connor / WENN

Lindsay Lohan has dabbled in many things: Acting, singing, producing, modeling and Greek club owning. You can include designing clothes in that, too. After going through some rather public drama and scandals, the actress launched 6126 by Lindsay Lohan in 2008. The brand was launched with “designer leggings” and had plans to expand into all areas of clothing. The timing couldn’t have been better given that everyone was obsessed with leggings (and still are). But, the problem was the price. “Designer” equaled expensive and it seemed there was only so much people were willing to pay for glorified sweatpants. On top of that, the business had to deal with a number of scandals and lawsuits, including copyright infringement. By 2011, we had pretty much seen the last of the brand.

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