16 Celebrities Whose Clothing Lines Failed

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Pastelle by Kanye West

Ivan Nikolov/WENN.com

What, you thought that Kanye West has been nothing but successful in fashion thanks to Yeezy? You’re actually mistaken. Pastelle by Kanye West shows that it can sometimes take people a while to hone their craft and/or find their market. If you go back into the interview archives, it’s no secret that Kanye has always wanted a clothing line. Not to mention that he has called himself a “legendary fashion designer.” He began to work on Pastelle in 2007 and there are photos of him wearing clothes with the logo written on it, but this was one fashion brand that didn’t even make it to its launch. Uncharacteristically, Kanye has kept quiet about the entire thing. Complex tried to uncover what really happened and it seemed it was a combination of not enough money and resources and lack of satisfaction by ‘Ye with the product that led to the demise of the line. Talk of the collection went quiet in 2009 and a source in the Complex interview called the never-released clothing line Kanye’s “university for fashion.”

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