18 Celebrity Couples Who Broke Up Before Getting Back Together For Good

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Celebrity couples are just like us. And sometimes, that means breaking up for a bit before deciding that they’d already found ~the one~! No relationship is perfect, and often times couples head for a split before realizing they want to commit for good. It’s only natural! Sometimes it takes losing the person you love the most to truly realize how much you appreciate and want them in your life. And celebrities aren’t immune to this dating ritual. But luckily for these couples they reunited after their split and went on to marriage or engagement, pledging their lives to each other for good.

Since they’re celebs, their splits are often a little more dramatic than ours. And they get splashed all over the tabloids. Imagine having your relationship BS spread everywhere?! We’d die. But somehow these celeb couples managed to get together, break up, reconcile, and oftentimes even get married right before the eyes of the whole world. And if you can go through all that together, you can get through anything! Here are some celeb couples who headed to splitsville before getting back together for good!

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