18 Celebrity Couples Who Broke Up Before Getting Back Together For Good

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Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

chrissy and john


This is one of our fave celeb couples of all time, but they almost didn’t end up that way! Always candid and hilarious, Teigen went on the record about a time her man tried to break up with her. In the beginning of their relationship when John was on tour, he tried to end it with the model. On Twitter, Chrissy revealed that his voice hurt and he was “being whiny!” And you know what her epic response was to his breakup request? “No.”

She was not going to let him do her like that! So these two didn’t really break up, but they show that even totally perfect couples can have a little trouble in paradise. Luckily, we now get their adorable family photos on Instagram and Chrissy blessing us with the best Tweets!

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